Episode 33:

Arizona Dept Health fear mongering, At Least 69 Athletes Collapse, Many Die, Lew Rockwell: You've been Had, New York Declares State o Emergency with Zero Omicron Cases, Public Disclosure of Election Audits Could be a Bad Thing? WI Judge Declares Election Fraud, Election Irregularities during JFK vs Nixon? School Police in TX Arrest Citizens in their Own Home, The Harassment of Eric Clapton, and more discussion of the need for a parallel economy.

Episode 32: Ryan Hartwig lives in Phoenix and was the Facebook whistleblower in 2020 with Project Veritas that caught the attention of the United States during election season. He has announced he is running for State Legislature in Phoenix. Visit: ryan4az.com and ryanhartwig.org. Tune into this episode  to hear his story! Purchase his book, Behind the Mask of Facebook using this special link. The book is also avalailable at Kobo, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Episode 31Unaccompanied Child Immigrants Tucson, City of Phoenix still mandating vaccines by January, Over 158,000 Adverse Events in first 2 1/2 months, BofA Segration,  Fauci: Vaccination hospitalizations rising, Idiots cannot figure why cases are rising in vaccinated communitiesScientists stumped at Africa’s low vaccine/COVID numbers, Disney backs off Florida mandates, Stop bullying businessesElection FraudKyle Rittenhouse CasePortland declared riotTrump respondsBiden responds,  FBI harassing parentKamala discussed 25th AmendmentJill Wants Kamal Removed 

Episode 30: Shortages are Slowing First RespondersFauci admits his solutions are badTaiwan suspends Pfizer shots,  RFK JR interviews Eric ClaptonMountain Bike National Title Winner Kyle Warner Diagnosed with Pericarditis, Voting problems in New JerseyFlipped 1:54 AMVoters in VA being turned away over masks,  “Blue County” is rescanning ballotsRacine Sheriff Refers Criminal Charges against Five Wisconsin OfficialsGAB’s Parallel Economy SeriesRight vs Left: What is it

Episode 29: OSHA are the new Jackboot thugs, Appeals Court temporarily halts mandate, Brnovich joins 11 States, Where’s Newsome? Probably just hiding, Increase in Teen Deaths, Florida Congressional Candidate DEAD, Covid shots records of failure, Hospitals overwhelmed with non-COVID patients, How they controlled inflation in the 70s and how they can’t anymore, Gas prices higher, narcissists and gaslighting, celebs writing their own Wikipedia articlesSummary: Narcissists are running the world.  They gaslight you and you should never give them any attention!

Episode 28: Nepotism in AZ! More details... Full video by groundzeroarizona2021, Is there really a mandate? Exemptions link 1, Exemptions link 2, Hatfield Medical said if staff got vaxed, they'd eliminate the virus a year ago (hint: it was crap!), Colin Powell died of COVID-19, but phony fact checkers spin it hard, DeSantis suing Biden Admin, Lincoln Project teams with Democrats and poses as White Supremacists, Copper can misbehave? Shrinkflation! Elementary kids go to gay bar field trip, and finally, our local heroes confront Ken Bennett's sham "audit tour."

Episode 27: Rallies throughout the weekend: Micajah Jackson @JFKReport (Twitter/Gab/Gettr/Telegram/YouTube/Rumble) Walt Blackman, Talib Shahbaz Bey, Patriot Party harasses Kari Lake, discussion of grifters. The fake elites want a divorce from us, because they hate the Constitution, which keeps us free.

Episode 26: Interview with Henry Cheng. Henry talks about his son's struggle with the military vaccine mandates. He also talks about his past in China, communism and philosophy. Be sure to visit his son's GoFundMe site. 

Episode 25: Response to Biden's Vaccine Mandate Announcement

Episode 24:  Bryan Masche for Governor.  Bryan Masche is a candidate for Governor of the State of Arizona.  I hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much I enjoyed interviewing him.  Bryan has been a part of this patriot movement for years. 

Episode 23:  Biden's strange behavior (audio), Marjorie Taylor Greene has submitted three artles of impeachment, Sky News claims Biden is 'finished', Covid vaccine injuries increase by 27,000 in one week, Schools continue mask tyranny against children, Is Germany quietly halting AstraZeneca? Pennsylvania fires Mastriano’s StaffThey don't like you, so get out! I explain why it's time for us to ditch the technocratic ghettos.

Episode 22: America's Frontline Doctors Pharmacists Dr. Lauren Pruett and Dr. Jo Franko are spearheading the Arizona branch of America’s Frontline Doctors and I was given the opportunity to have them both on as guests this past Tuesday on the Arizona Liberty Podcast. 

Special Note!   If you are interested in COVID-19 medication through America's Frontline Doctors, visit the direct link [CLICK HERE] and follow the instructions.  It's that easy, and it will only get easier from here! 

Special Three-Part Episode: August 13 at the Phoenix Children's Hospital

Episode 21a: Healthcare professionals and Arizona patriots united together on August 13th in front of the Phoenix Children's Hospital to fight medical tyranny. I had the amazing opportunity to interview some these individuals who are very concerned with their future. Why is the Arizonan press ignoring the very experts in their field? I also had a wonderful conversation with Tannis Henley from LoveMyColon.com.  Visit their site for more details!

Episode 21b: Interviews with local Arizona patriots, featuring local citizens, survivors of communism and a mother from Affidavit Mommas.

Episode 21c: Interviews with retired attorney Kelly Johnson and a local precinct committee woman in Phoenix.  You want the truth? You ask the grass roots! 

EPISODE 20Election reform bill will directly affect Arizonans right to vote, another AZ Senator scandal, Senator Ugenti-Rita is trash, Brnovich investigation against the BOS, CodeMonkeyZ at Symposium is NOT a controversy, CDC Tests not accurate, Israeli Doctor tells Rabinnic court vaccinating children are equal to human sacrifices, Stanford University will be testing weekly regardless of vax status, Biden admin wants to pay school officials to mandate mask tyranny on children as DeSantis docks their pay, Gavin Newsome complete tyrant, AZ schools mandating masks despite the weak executive orders, Vicotry: three airlines will not be mandating vaccines.


EPISODE 19: This guy got it right over a year ago, AZ Audit count complete, Ken Bennet is irritating, AZ Audit Twitter account shut down, Sen Kelly Townsend has benn busy: Interview on supboenas, responds to PHX schools mask mandate, response to evil mask employers, ballots displaying your politial party? Don Lemon hates the unvaxed and wants to cut them off from the world, Dr Stella files suit against fascist wingnut Anderson Cooper, a vaccine testimonial from Arizona, is the vaccine making the virus more dangerous? Mark Finchem: The Post Federalist America, Tennessee mothers refrustrate school board members with their own curriculumtheologist Dr Steve Turley: Americans looking at seccession as an option.

EPISODE 18;  Segregate the vaccinated, charge them lots of money, John Hopkins Univ Study says zero covid deaths among healthy kids, CDC revokes RT-PCR Emergency Use authorization, Fauci: CDC looking to change mask guidelines for vaxed people, Attorney Renz lawsuit details, CDC removes thousands of dealth-related 'vaxidents,' Republican Michelle Ugenti-Rita booed, then attempts to have GWP reporter arrested, Ashli Babbit's mother appears at Trump rally, Protests world-wide! Israeli protestor speaks (no link), more world-wide protest coverage.

EPISODE 17In this episode, I talk about Cuba demanding liberation and why we in Arizona and the USA are facing destructive socialism and communism right here.  I t    hen talk about Merissa Hamilton's amazing rebuttal to our irresponsible proselytizing press.  Then I ask, why are we demonizing our beloved doctors?

EPISODE 16:   Bannon interviews Dr. Steven Hatfill about misreporting herd immunity, Kari Lake COVID rant?  Ashli Babbit's killer identified, Dr. Fauci: Wear a mask when vaxed! Ready for Big Brother to knock on your door?                        

EPISODE 15: Arizonans arrested for free speech, Rusty Bowers recall dead on arrival, AZ Budget supposedly bans vaccine passports, guarantees freedom to remove your mask and adds voting integrity provisions. We’ll be digging deeper within the next few days on this. 


still unclear on January 6th, Antifa-BLM and January 6th, EZAZ.org gives you the best legislative resourcesRepublicans involved in covering up 2020 election fraud? Dear DOJ, touch our ballot, goto jail. AOC mad at Kamala for 'Do not come' statement, COVID passports real in EU, Fauci's boss admits Wuhan funding, Neil's Seven-Minute War

EPISODE 13: We've come this far... Spotify & Google...  Apple?

Ducey in veto mode, more Maricopa audits? One million ballots! Katie Hobbs stripped, Rusty Bowers recall, meanwhile in New Hampshire, okay, this is weird, Rand Paul refusing vaccine! Denmark fails on liberty, Arizona vaccine bracelet, cajones in CA! How do liberals and conservatives perceive finances

EPISODE 12: Coming soon to Spotify, Apple and Google!

Check out EZAZ.org, Arizona Stands United sponsoring ‘clean fun’ comedy night, Maricopa hiding data? Board of Supv asks to end audit (again), BOS refuses to attend Senate meeting, Election data files deleted, then recovered! You're a Fascist! Fauci is done, admits all theater, Bill Gates is getting lonely, Bloomberg and Chinese propagandists,  Wallstreet Silver on Reddit approaching 80,000 members, Steve Harvey is selling an NFT! Dogecoin adding to Coinbase?   


Arizona bans post-election signatures on ballots, Hero pastor in Calgary, Canada finally gets arrested, Are the walls closing in on Fauci? School Board member snaps, loses oxygen because of mask, State of AZ getting sued for election integrity for 2018 to 2020, Call to action against Hobbs and Penzone, Audit update notes from Mark Finchem.


Events of the week, audit updates, how free does Arizona really want to be?


Audit Updates, validating COVID... why? There's an old article resurfacing regarding Flake/McCain/Petersen controversies; here's two great websites for AZ Activisim: Populist Revolt and The Arizona Peoples Lobbyist; a quick history of the Central Bank (Fed Reserve); Follow Mark Finchem's audit.


Discussed issues of the week


My special guest this week is Mr. K, an Internet personality expert.  Unfortunately, Mr. Trump attracted a lot of people who are desperately trying to get famous and Mr. K is there to question these fakes, to include turncoat journalists.  This episode is divided into three parts, as we went way overtime! We talked about (click on the names for links): Gamergate, PMRC, Mr. Metokur, Koch Bros, Mitt Romney, Carly Fiorina, Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, Mike Lindell, John Durham, Baked Alaska, Nick Fuentes, David Hogg's failed business venture, and David Dorn.


Announcements, Elections Update, Blexit w/ AZ Stands United? Impeach Biden rally / Phoenix parks don't make sense anymore, covid fax, punkers, masks and vax, covid passports??? a little unplugging & crypto!


Did Ducey remove the mandates? Sneaky little dentists, more Arizona organizations to look out for and America's new religion?


Mask Burning Rally, World Wide Freedom Rally, Asian-hate rally? Scott Presler Rally, Senate scheduling the audit, Small 'l' libertarians and small 'r' republicans keepin' it small!  More Arizona election updates while other states are getting busted with fraud, Silver Squeeze & Crypto - Can the central bank keep up? Odd Biden stuff: don't laugh at congnitive-decline.


This week, I'm honored to have my first guest, Jenny Jackson from Arizona Stands United! Jenny is the president and one of the founders of this amazing volunteer organization, fighting to regain Liberty in Arizona.


In Episode 2, I explain this podcast is seriously biased. I also talked about the Mike Lindell, a Gun Show and how the US Army is playing politics with Tucker Carlson.


In this episode, I explain what happened since November 4th, 2020 and why I made this podcast.